living out JUSTICE

Posted by occwebsite
25th Jul 2022

The 3rd message in our Love. Walk. Do. series from Micah 6:8 was on what it means to “Do Justice.”

There is always a danger in attempting to find solutions to justice issues with the political system where all solutions are ambiguous in nature. We are called to actively DO justice in our church and communities as a sign-post of the beautiful Kingdom of God because all of humanity has unsurpassable A person’s worth has nothing to do with any of the outward markers we normally associate with success. Every person has unsurpassable worth because Jesus thought they were worth dying for. Our main task of discipleship and our most fundamental call is to agree with God about the worth of all people. To serve and regard all people from that point of view is the ultimate determiner of whether we are acting justly towards another person. On the other hand, to the degree that we define others by our judgments is the degree to which we are acting unjustly towards another. We are called to DO justice. We are called to model the beautiful justice of the Kingdom in every corner of the globe.

3 Actions Steps:

  1. Examine yourself to see what parts in your own life you are not living out the justice of the Kingdom. Fighting for justice in the world will always feel like sacrifice.
  2. Learn before you take any action. It is possible to run into situations with the desire to help and to do more harm than good.
  3. Partners with others. Everything in the kingdom works better when done with others.

Reflection Questions:

  • What areas of injustice are within your reach? What is one step you could take in that direction?
  • Where have you seen God move as you have sacrificed for those needing justice in the world?
  • Are there people in the world that you see through the lens of a stereotype rather than seeing them as individuals made in the image of God?
  • If you didn’t care about the worth and justice of people, how would the way you spend your time and money be different than it is now?
  • How do your loves, passions, and interests match up with Jesus’ loves, passions, and interests? Do the things that break His heart also break yours?
  • What resources do you have that you could present to Jesus to help bring about justice in our world?
  • What things might be holding you back from giving your resources to Jesus? Do you feel overwhelmed by injustice?
  • What is one small and concrete way you could work towards being God’s light for justice?