Visio Divina | HOPE

Posted by occwebsite
08th Dec 2023

Week 1 of Advent | HOPE

“AWAKE MY SOUL” by Mike Moyers


  • Look at the image below and let your eyes stay with the very first thing that you see. Keep your attention on that one part of the image that first catches your eye.
  • Try to keep your eyes from wandering to other parts of the picture. Breathe deeply and let yourself gaze at that part of the image for a minute or so.
  • Now, let your eyes gaze at the whole image. Take your time and look at every part of the photograph. See it all. Reflect on the image for a minute or so.


  • Reflect on the image for a minute or so. Notice what thoughts or feelings surfaced for you as you looked carefully at the artwork.
  • Where do you notice hope in this image?
  • How might what’s stirring in you relate to some other themes or ideas you’ve encountered in the Lectio Divina this week?
  • What do you think God might be inviting you to know, be, or do as we come to the end of this work week?


  • Ask God for wisdom and insight as you continue to reflect on the image.


  • Decide on one specific attitude or action you’re going to adopt today, in your work, in response to what you’ve experienced through this practice today.
  • It maybe helpful to write down that action step.