Pray ON

Posted by occwebsite
29th May 2018

Prayer is one of those things that Christians talk a lot about, but don’t do. Especially praying together.  And yet, we see this type of prayer throughout the New Testament.

This Sunday evening – 3 June @ 6:30pm – we want to pray for our province.

As you are aware, we are coming up to a provincial election on June 7. We are called to pray for those in authority over us. And so on this evening we are praying for our province and all the candidates.

We believe God has a purpose and plan for Ontario that is much greater than anything we could imagine for ourselves. And when we seek God’s heart and will through prayer, we’re aligning ourselves to be an active part of that plan.

Here in Simcoe North, the candidates are:

  • Green Party: Valerie Powell
  • Liberal: Gerry Marshal,
  • Libertarian: Cynthia Sneath
  • NDP: Elizabeth Van Houtte
  • Progressive Conservative: Jill Dunlop,

We are inviting area churches to join with us on Sunday, June 3 6:30 pm to pray, not for our agenda, not for our choice of candidate, but for God’s person and for our province.

Join us as we pray for:

  • the electorate (our fellow citizens)
  • the candidates and their families
  • the media as they report over these last few days
  • the campaigns
  • the next Premier of our province
  • the church that we will be faithful