Hidden Abilities

Tim & Diane Fellows from Hidden Abilities (SIM) in Bahir Dar, Ethiopia will be with us on Sunday, 1 September.

The majority of parents, throughout Ethiopia, with developmentally disabled children, are trapped in ignorance and frustration. Many do not know what is wrong with their child and have little or no medical guidance or resources to help them. Health professionals, teachers and churches, as well as the population as a whole, often do not realize that inside that disabled child is a real person with hidden abilities if they and their families are given the support and help they need. They do not need to look simply to a life of seclusion in a backroom or of begging. They can learn, develop their potential, and participate and contribute meaningfully to the family, the community and the church.

Hidden Abilities, in the city of Bahir Dar, offers support and guidance to these families. Hidden Abilities offers adaptive seating aids, physical, occupational and speech therapy, caseworker home visits, a school readiness program and support groups, providing well-rounded care. In addition, Hidden Abilities assists in the training of special ed teachers, caseworkers for other organizations, health professionals and churches. Motivating and permeating all that Hidden Abilities does lies the high value and good plan God has for people with disabilities. Hidden Abilities ministers to the heart and soul of these families through music, drama, physical affection, fun learning activities for these kids, chaplaincy, biblical counseling and appropriate gospel witness.