questions? summer 2017

Posted by occwebsite
06th Jul 2017

This summer we are thinking together about some of the questions
that don’t get talked about in church.

So, what are your questions?
Don’t be shy.
You can ask that.

You can post a question below, or send me an email, if you don’t want your name linked to the question & I will post it for you, like I have done with this first one.


6 Responses to questions? summer 2017
  1. ‘How am I to deal (externally and internally) with unloving, inconsiderate, unforgiving (basically unChrist-like) people who call themselves Christians?’ Simple answer I know-love them. I’m looking for guidance on the complex human answer. When/how to approach issues and when to just ignore them to develop their own consequences?

  2. How come so many believers are sick? I wondering how came we as believers are not able to be healed by the laying on of hands?

  3. I often struggle, as a feminist, with a book written by men. While I do believe the text is divinely inspired we can’t deny the cultural context. The paternalistic culture.
    My question is this… as a woman how do I tease out the message to which I must submit and the one I must resist?

  4. Am I failing as a Christian if I am not reading the bible or scripture daily ?

  5. There have been a couple of questions raised about faith and science. Can & how do we hold both of them together?

  6. What about church… do we really need to be part of one?

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