Reading Proverbs

Posted by occwebsite
28th Jan 2017

We have started off 2017 by reading through Proverbs. Because of the way Proverbs is written, why don’t you start this coming week.

download it here: reading-through-proverbs
or from facebook: reading through proverbs

Here are the summary tweets from the first 4 weeks – Proverbs 1-20
Which Proverbs spoke to you?

Proverbs 1 Proverbs are about teaching wisdom, discipline, insight, how to live successful lives that are right, just & fair – learn from them #Prov1

Proverbs 2 Wisdom leads to understanding & insight, will fill you with joy & will save you from evil people & immoral people #Prov2

Proverbs 3 Store wisdom in your heart Live loyal, kind lives Don’t reject discipline Honour God with resources & you will sleep at night #Prov3

Proverbs 4 Hold to a healthy heritage, stay off the wrong way, don’t swerve from the right way, keep walking in the light #Prov4

Proverbs 5 Pay attention 2 wisdom Watch out 4 easy ways UR ways R watched by God Deeds of the wicked trap them-led astray by lack of discipline #Prov5

Proverbs 6 Don’t get trapped by lies Don’t be lazy Don’t devise schemes Don’t lust Walk in & by the light #Prov6

Proverbs 7 Keep my commands & U will live Guard my teaching as the apple of UR eye Bind them on UR fingers; write them on the tablet of UR heart #Prov7

Proverbs 8 Choose my instruction over silver, knowledge over gold Blessed are those who listen 2 me & keep my ways Those who find me find life #Prov8

Proverbs 9 Don’t rebuke mockers-they will hate U The fear of the Lord is the start of wisdom Knowledge of God is understanding #Prov9

Proverbs 10 Blessings crown the head of the righteous The wise in heart accept commands Whoever walks in integrity walks securely #Prov10

Proverbs 11 Honesty guides, dishonesty destroys The godless destroy w/ words knowledge rescues W/O wise leadership a nation falls #Prov11

Proverbs 12 Plans of  the godly R just-of the wicked deceitful Wicked R traped by their words Fools think their way is right-wise listen 2 others #Prov12

Proverbs 13 Careful words make 4 a careful life-careless talk can ruin all Wise think beB4 they act-fools dont-they brag about their foolishness #Prov13

Proverbs 14 Honesty doesnt deceive-false witnes lies Mean people paid in meaness Fear-of-God builds up, makes safe place, spring of living H2O #Prov14

Proverbs 15 Gentle answers deflect anger-harsh words make tempers flare Wisdom flows like spring water-fools are leaky faucets dripping nonsense #Prov15

Proverbs 16 We make plans but God has the last word God can’t stomach arrogance or pretense We plan the way 2 live only God enables us 2 live it #Prov16

Proverbs 17 Fire tests the purity of silver & gold, the Lord tests the heart. If you repay good with evil, evil will never leave your house. #Prov17

Proverbs 18 Loners who only care 4 self spit on comon sense Fools dont care 4 dialogue-they run off at the mouth Contempt 4 life is contemptible #Prov18

Proverbs 19 Best 2 B poor & honest vs rich & untrustable Let the angry face backlash of their anger-if U try 2 make it better U’ll make it worse #Prov19

Proverbs 20 Don’t say “I will get U for this” Let God handle the matter. Avoiding quarrels is a mark of honor, only fools insist on fighting #Prov20