3: Letting Go

Posted by occwebsite
02nd Apr 2021

Take some slow deep breaths and relax.
Begin to let go of the tensions in your body.
Feel the pressure and busyness slipping away.


As you draw breath think of how your body is using oxygen.
It is being carried to every part of your body.
Feel the life it brings.


As you exhale, you breathe out carbon dioxide which you don’t need.
Trees and plants take this in.
They then produce oxygen which sustains you.
You are an integral part of God’s mysterious and wonderful creation.


In front of you is a pile of stones and a pool of water. [go ahead get a stone & some water]
Take a stone from the pile.
Imagine that all your concerns and worries are held in the stone.

  • Hold the stone tightly
    and name the concerns and worries in your mind.
  • Hold the stone over the pool of water.
  • In your own time let it go.
  • Watch your concerns and worries fall.
    Imagine them falling into God’s lap.
    How does it feel to release them?

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