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19th Jun 2022

MAID | Medical Assistance in Dying

Medical Assistance in Dying is becoming increasingly common in Canada. And there are increasing pressures to make it even more common.

  • Right now, a special committee of MPs and Senators is reviewing Canada’s laws on medical assistance in dying. The committee will also consider whether to expand the laws so that minors (youth under 18 years old) can be eligible for euthanasia or assisted suicide.
  • The MAiD laws were already expanded last year to make people with disabilities or chronic illness eligible for euthanasia or assisted suicide, even if they were not nearing death. Reports have indicated that people with disabilities are choosing to end their lives via MAiD because they feel they have no better choice; the support they need is not available and they feel they cannot afford to live.

Here is a copy of the June-July 2022 Canada Watch: CW-June2022-Web
Here is a link to the EFC article and further resources: EFC article

We encourage you to write your MP to resist these changes and uphold the value of all life.

Free postcards are available at OCC.