Easter Sunday & Egypt

Posted by occwebsite
13th Apr 2017

Coptic Christian churches in Egypt have decided to cancel Easter services after bombing attacks killed 49 people and injured more than 100 others at two churches on Palm Sunday. The more than 100 wounded Christians are still in hospitals suffering pain, devastation and the uncertainty of the coming days. For them, the hope of staying alive for another day is uncertain due to their critical conditions.

Christian Today reports that, although Easter celebrations have been called off, the Coptic churches will still hold prayer services.

An Open Doors partner on the ground in Egypt recently shared:

“We expect more attacks… and intense oppression and hatred to impact the daily life of Christians in Egypt, mainly from the large radicalized segment of the Egyptian society, a segment of people who are misled and brainwashed by radical Muslim leaders who speak out their poisonous language against Christians from within and outside Egypt. As much as the state is showing sympathy and support to the Christian community, the embedded spirit of rejection and disrespect to the Christian faith and to Christians can’t be overlooked.”

“Wiping off our tears we reach out and look to the skies, to talk to our Father and accept willingly all that He permits to come to His church in Egypt, confident that He feels for our pains without us having to talk about them to Him.”

“We understand that the Egyptian church is passing through a season of pain and testing in preparation for a great and mighty work of God in Egypt. Although, persecution is not new to Egypt and is also a part of our Christian heritage and journey, the increasing attacks and constant pressures we are facing are shaking the foundations of many within and outside the Christian community.”

“True Christians are putting their hope in the Lord, learning more profoundly how to live the spirit of love and forgiveness, while people outside the Christian community are confused about how such dreadful attacks could be committed in favor of “Allah,” the god of Islam.”

“The more attacks that fall on the church in Egypt, the more martyrs we wave goodbye to as they enter heaven, and the more eyes are being opened and hearts are seeking the truth and searching for it.”

Pray for our brothers and sisters in Egypt, and in other places around the world where persecution is happening.

Pray for ourselves that we would not waste our freedom, that we would make the most of every opportunity.