Webinar: When we die: Palliative care in Canada

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Evangelical Fellowship of Canada
When we die: Palliative care in Canada

Everyone agrees Canada needs a better, more comprehensive palliative care strategy. Hear straight from two experts as we explore the life-giving alternatives available to Canadians nearing end of life. We will explore:

  • The concerns many palliative-care physicians have about physician-assisted suicide
  • What palliative care really is, what it could be, and what it means to patients and their families
  • How the Canadian Church can be involved in this issue
  • And we will answer your questions live online.

Featured experts:

  • Laurie Read, a Winnipeg-based nurse who served for 14 years as clinical manager of Grace Hospital Cancer Care and Palliative Care, eight years as a public representative council member for the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Manitoba, and four years of parish nursing with The Salvation Army. Through her Master’s thesis, professional publication and in other ways she has contributed to nursing research in palliative care.
  • Dr. Michael Koke, a palliative care physician featured in the recent Faith Today article on palliative care and physician-assisted suicide

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