Matthew summary tweet

Tweet summary for The Gospel of Matthew

MT 1 The line of Jesus though Joseph the chosen father Mary bore him by the Holy Spirit An angel told Joseph to call him Jesus #Mt1 #gospeltweet
MT 2 Magi came from the east to worship Jesus King Herod ordered all baby boys be killed An angel warned Joseph to flee #Mt2 #gospeltweet
MT 3 John the Baptist preached: “Repent, the kingdom is near” Jesus baptised by John A voice from heaven said: “This is my Son” #Mt3 #gospeltweet
MT 4 Jesus tempted by Satan in the wilderness. His ministry began by calling men to follow him as he preached & healed the sick #Mt4 #gospeltweet
MT 5 “Blessed are the poor. You are salt & light. I have come to fulfill the law. Don’t call people idiots. Love your enemies.” #Mt5 #gospeltweet
MT 6 “Do good deeds in secret. Pray ‘Father, your kingdom come’ You can’t serve God & money. Don’t be anxious about your life.” #Mt6 #gospeltweet
MT 7 “Do not judge Ask seek knock Look for fruit Hearing & doing what Jesus says is like one who builds a house on the rock”#Mt7 #gospeltweet
MT 8 Jesus cleanses a leper, heals a servant & Peter’s m-in-law, calls people 2 follow, calms a storm & casts demons from 2 men #Mt8 #gospeltweet
MT 9 Jesus heals several people. Hangs out with scum. Calls 4 new wine & new wineskins. Calls people to become harvest workers. #Mt9 #gospeltweet
MT 10 Jesus sent out 12: Proclaim kingdom, let the Father speak thru you, don’t be afraid, take up the cross, do little stuff. #Mt10 #gospeltweet
MT 11 Signs of the Messiah; advancing kingdom; Jesus is with the wrong people; open your eyes-see God at work; take my rest. #Mt11 #gospeltweet
MT 12 Sabbath – mercy not sacrifices; plot to kill Jesus; anyone not with J is against him; obedience is thinker than blood #Mt12 #gospeltweet
MT 13 J tells stories 2 create readiness & nudge people 2 receive The kingdom is like hidden treasure Those close 2 J offended#Mt13 #gospeltweet
MT 14 Herod had John Baptist killed; Jesus fed 5000+ with 5 loaves & 2 fish; Jesus invited Peter to walk on water #Mt14 #gospeltweet
MT 15 Jesus challenges Pharisees re rules & tradition; heals a Canaanite woman’s daughter; heals many & fed 4000+ #Mt15 #gospeltweets
MT 16 Jesus & signs & bad yeast; Peter calls J “the Christ”; J says he will be killed & raised; turn-take-up-cross-follow me #Mt16 #gospeltweets
MT 17 Jesus is transfigured “This is my son” Peter wants to camp out; Jesus heals a boy & predicts his death; Jesus on taxes. #Mt17 #gospeltweet
MT 18 Who is the greatest in the kingdom? – become like a child; searching for lost sheep; disagreements; forgive 70 x 7. #Mt18 #gospeltweet
MT 19 Jesus asked about divorce “Let no one split what God has joined” J blesses children; upside down elements of the Kingdom #Mt19 #gospeltweet
MT 20 In the Kingdom “the last will be first & the first will be last.” “leaders become servants” Jesus heals 2 blind men #Mt20 #gospeltweet
MT 21 Jesus ride into Jerusalem on a donkey, heals & teaches in the temple; J’s authority questioned; teaches in parables #Mt21 #gospeltweet
MT 22 The kingdom is like a wedding banquet; paying taxes; resurrection life is different; Love God & your neighbour #Mt22 #gospeltweet
MT 23 Pharisees preach but do not practice; you strain out a gnat but swallow a camel; you kill and crucify the prophets #Mt23 #gospeltweet
MT 24 Signs of the end; in the end there will be famine, earthquakes, tribulation: birth pangs; no one knows the day – be ready#Mt24 #gospeltweet
MT 25 The kingdom is like preparing for the bridegroom or like talents entrusted to servants; judging the nations #Mt25 #gospeltweet
MT 26 Plot to kill Jesus; anointed; plan to betray; Passover with the disciples; praying; Judas betrays Jesus; Peter denies him #Mt26 #gospeltweet
MT 27 Jesus handed over to Pilate; crowd crys “Crucify him”; Jesus is mocked & crucified; darkness; gives up his spirit; dies #Mt27 #gospeltweet
MT 28 Women 1st at the tomb; angel says “He has risen”; Priests cover up plan; Jesus & the 11 “As you are going make disciples” #Mt28 #gospeltweet