questions: how to respond to unchristlike christians

/ Jul. 23rd 2017
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How do we respond to unchristlike people?

Peace and reconciliation ought to lie at the centre of the church’s life and witness as we reflect Jesus out into the world.


Christ on the cross unveils the identity and nature of God as one who reaches out to the other, even the enemy, and seeks reconciliation.

As people who have experienced this reconciliation with God through Christ, we become ambassadors of reconciliation in, to, and for the world. We embody reconciliation that is fuelled by forgiveness.

Our response to our experience of forgiveness and reconciliation with God is to extend that same forgiveness
to the other… even those we call our enemies. Or to put it another way, we are reconciled to God and as a result we are called to live reconciling lives.

Enemy-love defined the essence of Jesus’ ministry, message, and mission. The same must be true for us as well.



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