Silent Killers 1: Despair & Hope

/ May. 26th 2018
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Most of us have gotten used to the threat of silent killers. 
We’re used to being cautioned against

  • diets that lead to high blood pressure & high cholesterol – illnesses that quietly wreck havoc
    on bodies of all ages.
  • We know friends or family members whose homes have secretly harbored the hazards of lead paint and asbestos.
  • We’re all familiar with filtering our water & air for fear of ingesting fatal chemicals & bacteria.

But what about emotional and spiritual silent killers?

  • What about the lethal threat of things like
    low self-worth?
  • How do we test for these?
  • What can we use to protect ourselves against them?

So over these 4 weeks, we will unmute the silent killers of our emotional and spiritual lives and learn God’s plan for effectively deterring, detecting, and defeating them.

We begin today with looking at the big issues of our day

  • Mental Health in all of it’s various forms
  • Addictions
  • Despair

These things are very much signs of the age.The markers of our culture.


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