Acts 9


How did Saul — chief persecutor of the Church — become Paul, the apostle who wrote many of the New Testament letters? Mike walks us through the story, showing us how God will relentlessly pursue us until we are completely his.  

/ Feb. 28th 2016 / Acts 9

Acts 8


Acts 8 Persecution begins & the church starts to do They believers are dispersed into Samaria & the beginnings of the ends of the world (we had a technical glitch with the sermon recording we may have to re-record it)

/ Feb. 23rd 2016 / Acts 8

Acts 7


Stephen’s defense of the the false accusations of Acts 6 in Acts 7 draws together the amazing unity between the Old Testament and Jesus, exposing the wickedness within the human heart. Stephen is killed for his zeal, becoming the first Christian martyr.

/ Feb. 16th 2016 / Acts 7

Acts 6


Acts 6 Ed Stetzer said: “It is not that God has a mission for his church, it is that God has a church for his mission”? Why can’t you honestly say: “I love Jesus, but I hate the church”? Pastor Mike suggested that, from this passage, there are 3 marks of a multiplying church: Cares … Continue reading Acts 6

/ Feb. 8th 2016 / Acts 6

Sin Happens


We all have habitual sins that seem to plague us. Whether it’s gossip, lust, greed, or envy, we falter in one place or another. Instead of wishing for deliverance, God calls us to work at our sins in order to become the people he created us to be. Last week, we learned that there are many … Continue reading Sin Happens

/ Feb. 1st 2016 / Philippians 2