No Place Like Home


When God moves into the neighborhood, when God makes his home in our hearts, we become a radical community, everyone in this room is released for ministry, and we get to reveal the love & goodness of God together.

/ Jan. 1st 2018 / 1 Peter 2 / 1 Peter 4

Home for Christmas: unwanted gifts


Pastor Mike talks about the unwanted gifts that can seem overwhelming at Christmas. We all go through tough times and circumstances, but God walks with us through those times and teaches us about himself

Dec. 24th 2017 / Matthew 1

Coming Home for Christmas


Pastor Mike kicks off a new series, called Coming Home for Christmas.   This morning we talk about the beginning of the Christmas story: Joseph and Mary’s journey home.  

/ Dec. 10th 2017 / Luke 2

Sunday after Christmas


So Christmas is almost over – and you may be asking, “Now what?” The shepherds of Christmas story fame actually revealed that Christmas is not the final chapter. It’s really just the beginning – so don’t stop short of encountering the Christ for yourself.

/ Dec. 28th 2015 / Luke 2