Who Shows Up

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In many ways Jesus was anti-king of all kings, his kingdom was an anti-kingdom. The holiness he lived was guided by love, not law. Instead of using his kingship to separate himself from the unclean, lowly and hurting in the world, Jesus made his home right in the middle of our pain and our sin. … Continue reading Who Shows Up

/ Dec. 8th 2019 / John 1

Christmas Eve

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Jesus is the Light of the world, and this Light has always been at work within us, whether or not we’ve been aware of it. Once we surrender to that Light, we find ourselves swept up into the greatest love story of all time!

/ Dec. 24th 2018 / John 1

Marvelous Light

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This week we reflect on how the heavens tell of the glory of God. The vast and beautiful universe, bigger than the human mind can conceive, points to a marvelous creator. This same awe-inspiring creator is the one that became human to love and save all of humanity.

/ Dec. 9th 2018 / Psalms 19 / Job 38

No Place Like Home


When God moves into the neighborhood, when God makes his home in our hearts, we become a radical community, everyone in this room is released for ministry, and we get to reveal the love & goodness of God together.

/ Jan. 1st 2018 / 1 Peter 2 / 1 Peter 4