Mended 3


Wounded by Shattered Dreams and Dashed Hopes Sometimes life doesn’t turn out the way we planned it.  In this message, Pastor Mike talks about how even when things aren’t going well, we can hold onto God’s word and his ultimate purposes.  

/ Jan. 23rd 2017 / Job 1

Mended 2


When Church Wounds Spiritual abuse isn’t often talked about. In this sermon, Pastor Mike looks at wounds caused by leaders in the church and how God can heal us from those wounds.

/ Jan. 15th 2017 / Matthew 23

Mended 1


This is the first in our series: mended When People Wound Forgiveness is at the core of Christianity. Christians are called to forgive in all circumstances. In this first message Pastor Mike describes five M’s of forgiveness: measure, meaning, myths, method motive.

/ Jan. 9th 2017 / Matthew 18