Palm Sunday: Perfect Storm


Jesus entered into Jerusalem on what we call Palm Sunday in the midst of the perfect storm of: Rome Israel God Links to the video clips used The Perfect Storm Jesus Christ Superstar (0:53 – 4:20) Franciscan Blessing / Benediction May God bless us with discomfort — discomfort at easy answers, half-truths, and superficial relationships, … Continue reading Palm Sunday: Perfect Storm

/ Mar. 25th 2018 / Mark 11 / John 12 / Luke 16 / Matthew 21 / Zechariah 9

Acts 9


How did Saul — chief persecutor of the Church — become Paul, the apostle who wrote many of the New Testament letters? Mike walks us through the story, showing us how God will relentlessly pursue us until we are completely his.  

/ Feb. 28th 2016 / Acts 9