Fully Alive 4


We have become an increasingly divided world filled with increasingly isolated people. Despite lightning-fast and nearly universal access to information via the internet, few agree on what truth is. And even though millions of people can communicate with loved ones and friends with a mere click of a mouse or smartphone screen, about a quarter … Continue reading Fully Alive 4

/ May. 16th 2017 / Philippians 1 / Philippians 2

Fully Alive 2


There are times we may feel weighed down, unhappy, or even disappointed with the state of our lives. We may have everything going for us and still feel discouraged and unfulfilled. In this message Pastor Mike helps us identify and own up to this sunken condition and to ultimately become spiritually alive.

/ Apr. 30th 2017 / 2 Peter 1

Fully Alive 1


Pastor Mike set up our upcoming Fully Alive series by reminding us that goal setting is biblical. As OCC looks to becoming more Fully Alive we move towards becoming more spiritually alive, more physically alive, more emotionally alive, more relationally alive and more financially alive.

/ Apr. 23rd 2017 / Ephesians 4