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05th Jan 2023
Everyone needs and desires to be in relationship, in community. Being involved in one of our Small Groups is a great opportunity for you to find friendship, accountability, and a group of people you can do life with. Currently, our groups are meeting online, although some groups will start to meet in person soon.

one anothers

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13th Oct 2019
There are almost 60 “one another” statements in the New Testament. Exhortations in scripture to actually “do” something towards another person. These are behaviours we do out of an overflow of our relationship with Jesus, but they are not things that we do unto Jesus. Other people must be involved in order to fulfill them. Many of them have been taught but they are to be lived out in our

Life’s Healing Choices

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21st Sep 2016
This coming Monday night (26 September 2016) at 7pm we start Life's Healing Choices. Life's Healing Choices is an 8-week group to help us address the hurts, hang-ups and habits of life. It is a safe place... of belonging of journeying to freedom of caring and being cared for to take off your mask of confidentiality to share to discover resources and ways to find healing for yourself and to

Healing Life’s Choices

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10th Aug 2016
All of us have experienced hurts, pain and have got caught in habits that hinder our maturity. This fall, we are offering 8 week group(s) to help people find healing and freedom in Christ. In addition, we believe that this can be part of the journey to make healthy, positive choices that enable you to continue to walk in freedom and help others find freedom as well. Healing Life's Choices

spiritual maturity

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11th Jun 2016
I am sometimes asked for recommendations on books, podcasts, or Bible studies for spiritual growth. These things can help us learn more about our faith, but real spiritual maturity is about your connection to Jesus. It's not about books, podcasts, how many Bible studies you have done or how many years you've been a Christian, it’s about how much time you spend with Jesus. Mark Batterson wrote “... growing into