Lent – Sundays & LIFEGroups

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15th Feb 2023
We all have our frontlines – the various contexts where God has placed us, places where we meet with people who don’t know Jesus. Over the weeks of Lent, we want to explore together how, with God, we can apply what God is teaching us about how to live with confidence on our own frontlines. On the Sundays listed below, pastor Mike will be looking at how the scriptures help


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05th Jan 2023
Everyone needs and desires to be in relationship, in community. Being involved in one of our Small Groups is a great opportunity for you to find friendship, accountability, and a group of people you can do life with. Currently, our groups are meeting online, although some groups will start to meet in person soon.

sitting in the presence of God – a guided reflection

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23rd Mar 2022
Welcome to a guided reflection take a moment to breathe in deeply, repeat 2 or 3 times stretch we want to take some time to sit in God's presence Opening Prayer Let's begin by praying a prayer of Thomas A Kempis Grant to us, O Lord, to know that which is worth knowing, to love that which is worth loving, to praise that which pleases you most, to esteem that

spiritual practices – fasting 2

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28th Feb 2022
Here is the link to the Spiritual Practices: Fasting sheet Historically one of vital practices or disciplines for spiritual formation and growth is fasting. Lent is often seen as a season of fasting. Lent begins with Ash Wednesday (2 March 2022). The day before (1 March 2022) is often called Shrove or Pancake Tuesday. It is rooted in a tradition from some European countries because eggs, sugar, and fat, are

spiritual practices – fasting 1

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27th Feb 2022
Lent is a season of 40 days of repentance and preparation for the joys of Easter. Lent starts on Ash Wednesday (March 2 this year), and lasts until Easter Sunday (April 17th this year). One of the traditional practices of Lent is fasting. We are told in Matthew 4:1-11 that Jesus spent forty days fasting in the wilderness and afterwards “he was starving.” Some of us feel that way after 40minutes!

spiritual practices – resting, listening, soaking in God’s presence

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06th Feb 2022
We are learning or re-learning to practice spiritual disciplines. Ways of being with God, of being shaped or formed in his presence. Some of these practices are individual, others are corporate. This month we are going to practice a personal – private – on your own disciple. It’s about learning to be in God’s presence – resting – listening – soaking in his love. I encourage you to try this,