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27th Sep 2018
We are working our way through this series "Sure" You can check out the sermons, powerpoint and questions at SURE sermons 16 September "What about Truth?" 23 September "What about Faith?" 30 September "What about Jesus?" 7 October "What about God?" 14 October "What about the Bible?" 21 October "Q&A" There are many resources that could be listed for each topic. Here are a few that you might find helpful. "What


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13th Sep 2018
We live in a world where it seems very little is sure. Everything is about what I believe. A world of no absolutes, where everything is about tolerance & relativity. So how do we live and interact in this world without being jerks? Join us as we wrestle with some of these things. plan on being part of Sunday AM invite someone to join you get to together with 2-4